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We are so excited to host the premier screening of the short documentary film! I stopped by yesterday to the Madison Theater where the event is taking place, and I was so stoked to see the new space. It’s been completely renovated and I had a tour with the owner, Chris. The venue now boasts a bar, lounge, restaurant and in-screening room dining service as well. The larger screening room where our event is taking place is really spacious and modern, boasting a huge screen and stage. The wall was knocked down between the older two screening rooms to create one new large one. And a fun bonus is that the halls of the entire venue are decorated with a wonderful collection of vintage movie posters, comics, and vinyl. So come early and stay after to enjoy everything this great venue has to offer. Have a drink, get a bite, and play some pool or Ms. Pac man (but I digress…)

The event will start at 7 pm and after the viewing of the 28 min. short we will have a Q&A panel discussion about the film and the topic of gender-based violence. We are honored to have two guest speakers join the panel. Both speakers are very active in the local community, bringing their passion and service to the cause of empowering and uplifting their fellow community members. Please join us for a meaningful evening that celebrates the intersection of documentary film, social justice, and community empowerment!

Here are the bios of our noteworthy guests, and I thank them in advance for joining us:

Sarah Caterina, LCSW-R

Assistant Director of Clinical Services and Violence Prevention

YWCA NorthEastern New York

Sarah graduated with her Masters in Social Work from New York University in 1999. She has dedicated her life to working in the field with children and families for over 20 years. She oversees counseling and violence prevention programs at YWCA NorthEastern NY, located in Schenectady, NY. She has a teenage daughter and a son, who both inspire her to create a better world for them.

In 2019, Sarah received the Heart of Her Award for her dedication to Help Save The Next Girl, an organization that focuses on raising awareness around predatory behavior and empowering girls to trust their instincts and stick up for each other. She has had a hand in starting over 100 chapters in the U.S. and Canada. Most recently, Sarah and her teenage daughter started chapters at Union College and the Boys and Girls Club.

Sarah works to prevent domestic violence at the source, and to empower girls and women to recognize their personal strength. Sarah works with boys to help them understand the importance of consent and the messages they have been given about being respectful to women. Sarah has worked with her team of counselors to develop a Domestic Violence Education curriculum vetted by Child Protective Services to support mothers in getting their children back home. Recently, she assisted in developing Guyanese Girls Empowerment Groups in Schenectady City elementary, middle and high schools.

Sarah Caterina is extremely passionate about the work she does in the world, and has worked to raise awareness and support survivors of human trafficking domestically and abroad. She has extensive experience volunteering in developing countries including Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and the Dominican Republic. In 2017, she and her family volunteered with “Believe in Girls, Empowering Girls in Africa” and brought supplies to make reusable and sustainable maxi pads so that girls could attend school when they were menstruating without feeling ashamed of their body’s natural processes.

In her spare time Sarah enjoys camping, coffee and hanging with her therapy dog Todd.

“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

– Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Tatiana Gjergji

Executive Director & Founder of Noteworthy Resources

Tatiana is first generation Albanian-American with refugee family members who escaped Albania and Montenegro to provide a better life for the family. With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Tatiana has experience working in the mental health and addiction support services. Tatiana founded Noteworthy Resources in 2017 to offer individuals a sense of community, educational resources, and support like how her family and many immigrant families to this day can benefit from. Tatiana’s family’s entrepreneur mindset shifted from “working harder” to “working smarter.” Tatiana empowers the community in many ways such as facilitating youth programs, educational workshops, support groups, and teaches skateboarding lessons for beginners.

This event is a fundraiser and tickets are being sold in advance online on the tickets page of our site:

Any donation you would like to make is appreciated and we hope to see you there!

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